When we have people contact us for their wedding, it’s rare they’ve ever had hire a live band, let alone had to organise a large-scale event. Many people have been to see bands before, but how often does one think about the logistics surrounding anything outside of one’s own experience?

I spent much of my life working as a caterer, mostly in my mum’s family catering business, it’s a constant logistical balancing act, which has the illusion of ease. The best weddings are the same – from the outside they seem so simple, but it’s the stuff you don’t see, the stuff you don’t think about which makes the day run smoothly and gives it that special, unique something which makes the day one you’ll remember.

This special, unique something can often to be attributed to top class entertainment. In this blog we’ll be sharing our guide to booking live entertainment at your wedding:


Form A Clear Idea As To Your Theme

What do you want from your day? This should be your decision which is taken before making any calls, booking venues or saving dates. Consulting friends or family can be helpful, but ultimately you and your partner need think about what you want to project. Sometimes, something more traditional is the way to go, and others, you can steer away from the norms – do you really want a sit-down dinner? Does everyone have to do a speech – do you need speeches at all?! Be open, especially to suggestions from suppliers, they have vast amounts of experience, but stretch the boundaries a little, find a theme and build around that.


Draw Up Your Rough, Desired Itinerary

Remember everything always takes longer than you expect. Its important whether you’re going with something more traditional or not to have an itinerary to reference. This will help to inform your decisions and flesh out your initial ideas. Some things may not be possible, whether logistically or financially, so it’s best to figure out between you both before getting on the blower.


Find Suppliers Who Share Your Vision

Planning an event of any kind, especially a wedding, should be a team effort with you at the helm, it’s important you’re not pulling in different directions. Do your research and keep an open and clear dialogue. If you’re a bit lost about where to start, find a really good caterer and consult them. They do a lot the leg work early on, are involved throughout the entire day and are party to majority of decisions, especially if there isn’t a designated planner.


Find The Right Entertainment

Not everything will work for your vision. What is right for one, isn’t right for another. Ultimately, the entertainment can take your day from a great day, to an incredible one. The party at the end of the night is key to having everyone leaving on a high. What’re you and your guests going to enjoy most?